Monday, March 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands Revisited

Last February Ezmir and I went to Cameron Highlands, Pahang due to super hot whether in Kuala Lumpur. It was total fun and romantic getaway since the last time we went there was on our first honeymoon. To recap everything lah kononnye..hehe

Actually Ezmir had some work in Kelantan for 2 days (I joined him of course!) and instead heading back straight to KL, we stayed in Cameron Highlands for a couple of days. The hotel we checked in was very nice however there were some issues on FAN and etc! hahaha the room had neither air-conditioning nor fan! I was so pissed off since we paid quite expensive (RM300+/per night) for the hotel room. And the room was stuffy.. Can you imagine sleeping on the 15th floor building with your windows widely open?? Of course not! haiyya.. Then the room service provided us with a non-functioning stand fan..There you go.

Haha but of course there are few things i like about the hotel ie the food,the roses garden (i even plugged one or two roses..hehe to rationalized my extra-charged-room) and so on.

Okay,okay..enough said, here's the pics..

Our traveling kit Hehe

Under-the-tree-breakfast@ Kelantan

Equatorial Hotel

Treat for us!
*Caution! Don't do this at home ;p

Us & Bella
*Caution! Don't shut ur eyes when driving or
when taking pictures!

Strawberry fiesta@home (Strawberry Cheese Tart..yummy)


Friday, March 19, 2010

Eshraf's birthday pics!!

So here's the pictures..Only a few ye..Enjoy!

Esyraf, blowing his candles

Ameera with sad looking face.. She got so
jealous over Esyraf!


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hi! Recently we celebrated Esyraf's 3rd birthday. The party was extremely fun and we had invited few of his cousins. And my biggest proud was to create his birthday cake. Even though it was not perfect but i managed to finish it within stipulated time! (FYI, the only cake i baked was my 3-tier wedding cupcakes..and it was a year ago..and my deco skills has totally worn out. i definitely will upload the pics letter ya..) So here goes the cake..

Thomas The Tank - 2 D cake

Oh, and for those who wants to know how to bake the cake, here are the guidelines.. (Hoping that it is helpful..hehe)


First step is to arrange all the cake pans before baking in order to get clearer picture/imagination of the cake.

Second step is to bake the cake using 3 packets of ready made 'Chocolate Cake Mix'. After baking the cake, leave it for a while to cool. Later, u can arrange the cake as per below:

Third step is to give your cake a first coating with it's base colors. Leave it to cool for about 2-4 hours.

Fourth step is the most exciting step that is to frost the cake! (FYI, my butter cream frosting made from butter, sugar, milk and vanilla essence. It was scrumptious!) Enjoy frosting and decorating!


2008 - 2009 Highlights Marathon

Got married in October 2008 with the man I admired very much. Introducing..
MR & MRS Ezmir.. ;p

Almost forgot on the new addition to the family.. Our proud baby, BELLA! (Yeah..It's a FIAT! Hehe)

Below are the apples of our eyes... always and forever..

ameera aisya

Ameera is my only niece while Esyraf is Ezmir's only nephew..They are both 3+ years old.. so there u go..Our simple lives!

kyrie eshraf


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hi! This will be a remarkable post since it is the first and god willing, there will be more.. I was inspired by many bloggers on their posts and life experiences. Contradict to many posts and blogs that I have read on babies, and motherhood..(since i am a full-time-wife and yet to be a mom) I will share any interesting story of my life ya?:) So, here there are...