Monday, October 4, 2010


Hi! This picture was taken months ago in Indonesia. It seems normal for average (middle income group to high) family in Indonesia to have maids or servants to their children. Some might have more than one attending to the house chores and babysitting the children.The interesting part is that not only they are wearing uniforms but they are providing one to one relationship with the child. From my observation, they cater each and every single needs of the child efficiently for example; 

i) Push the playground swing for them.
ii) Chase the little master (or some can be really a little monster!!;p) around the playground just to feed them.
iii) In any situation, the maid will always say yes to the children. Be it taking their shoes off  on the  ground  and playing with the dirt and so on.

The good facts is that you know your child is being taken a damn good care by the maids. They are being fed on time with your home cook food and what not. The children also tend to become more creative and artistic as they have freedom to do about anything during their tender age.

But obviously if this 'full fledged maid-ing ' continues, your child will be dependent and everything has to be spoon fed. And not to forget, your child will be a spoil-bread and less disciplines since nobody will say DON'T to her/him.
Everything should be taken in moderation. And so to when raising your children. The extra hand is very useful but not to overuse them. It will result to a bad ends eventually.