Saturday, May 22, 2010

FIRST GUESTS to our Jakarta home....

Hi there....sorry for not updating my blog for quite some time. The reason being - I've (or rather we've) been busy entertaining our first guests to our home in Jakarta  - YEAY!!

Ezmir's dad and his brother (babah and aye) flew in on Thursday night (their flight was delayed so instead of reaching here by 5, they got here at around 9pm). Nevertheless, it was soOo nice to have them here to visit us. Aye was extremely excited about this trip (as it was his first trip - alone so to speak).

Anyways, on Friday initially I had asked Ezmir to take leave from work but he had some things to complete and hand over so after breakfast he left for work!! Poor Ezmir. Despite not having ezmir around, and to not waste any of the precious time (with babah and aye around)...we went out SHOPPING!!

The first stop that we went to is a very famous place in Jakarta - Tanah Abang. I'm sure many Malaysians have visited this place (if I'm not mistaken  - this is one of the largest mall in Jakarta) to buy cheap stuff  e.g. indonesian batik, kebayas, lace...and etc.

After our short and brief shopping at Tanah Abang (as usual the place was packed with people from various walks of life), we hopped on a taxi (the infamous bluebird of course) and went home. We also stopped by Restoran Sederhana at Sudirman Park to have lunch (yummm....)

Later in the evening (and our second pitstop for the day) we went to Ambassador Mal (spelt with one "L" here). I'm sure many of the readers here would like to know why I always go to this mal...

1. it's very close to ezmir's office (so I usually go around 4pm and ezmir will meet me there after work)
2. a lotta cheap stuff from handbags, to dvds and etc

We went to this mal to get some dvds for aye and Ezmir joined us there after he finished work at 5.00pm.

Day one  - END.


It' day two and we're heading off to BANDUNG!!!! Yeay (again). It's been a while since we've been to Bandung  - to be exact about a year have gone since my trip to Bandung last year with ezmir's family. We woke up very early because our driver (sopir) had told us to leave Jakarta very early to avoid the macet.

At 10am we safely arrived at Pasar Baru, Bandung. And another shopping time begins!!!!! After several grab&pay.. we left pasar Baru for factory outlets located in Dago (Jalan Ir Juanda). The crazy shopping mode was still on and therefore after a quick lunch at our favorite burger joint at Level factory outlet (The food was tasty and cheap), we hopped to all the factory outlets along that road.

By 4pm we had to call it a day since it was raining very heavily and believe it or not we ran out of all our MONEY!!! hahahaha

So, enjoy the photos!!

P/s : Can't wait for another group of visitors to our humble small home! Please take note that we are expecting a lot more to my updates here are a bit slow. hehehe

Meet Wak Ezmir and Wak Aye ;p Both seen wearing the traditional Javanese head gear, Blangkon

Me and Aye at Ambas Mal

Aye and Babah by the roadside waiting for Ezmir

Another pic taken by the roadside. Hehehe

Ezmir's office (the green windows - Menara Rajawali) next to the famous Marriott Hotel

Their latest collections.. yeay!!

We were trying to imitate Feeza's ..hahahaha

Suprisingly they love Upin & Ipin soooo much (cartoon series originally from Malaysia)

The bungalows in Bandung are attached to one another 

oh I love Bandung!!

Common scenery


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Hi.. it's weekend again! And of course more and more places to visit and update you on! hehehe Despite the incident where Ezmir had to walk back home last Friday we still went out on the next day and the day after that! (hey..we are two healthy and fit couple!!) hehe

On Saturday, we went to EX Plaza Indonesia again. This time around we wanted to catch a movie so we got there as early as 11 am. We headed straight to XXI Movie theater and bought Robin Hood tickets. Suprisingly the tickets were very pricey. In fact the most expensive movie tickets we ever bought! It had cost us Rp 50 000 for each ticket. However, the theater did not disappoint us in any ways because the seats were big and comfy and the gap between our seats and the front seats were huge! Baby strollers can just simply walk through us without having to squeeze our legs to give way. So here are the photos taken on Saturday. Browse down for more interesting updates on Sunday!! ;)

Luxurious ticketing counter and waiting area

 The pricey ticket!

Super delicious ChocoForest

Bought one donught and got another for free! ;p

It's finger lickin' good

Had our luch at Dabu-dabu (without realizing it's all about chillies!!We don't fancy spicy food)

My chilli meal.. :(

Nice Jeruk Kelapa Muda


It's Sunday everyone!!!

We went to Pondok Indah Mall just now. It is quite far from our apartment which took us 20 mins to reach there. I will give a very good recommendation to the mall if i were asked! hehe
We had our lunch at Hoka Hoka Bento and the food was REALLY REALLY SUPERB!! We came across this restaurant several times in Indonesia  and the restaurants were always packed with customers. Last night Ezmir did his reseach on Halal certificate on this specific restaurant and it is certified HALAL by Majelis Ulama Indonesia!!!! (*For those who don't know, we have to observe halal food that is certified by Islamic bodies of any country that we reside in) Without any doubt, we had a wonderful lunch at Hoka Hoka Bento. ;))

My New Findings
Back in Malaysia, I used to do my groceries in Cold Storage and Carrefour since they were close to my house. I did google search to find Cold Storage in Indonesia and unfortunately there were not a single one close to my apartment. And i don't think there is a Cold Storage here. In short, I accidently found another Cold Storage by another name in Indonesia that is Hero Supermarket in Pondok Indah Plaza. (I am not sure about this but I have a wifey instict that it is a Cold Storage! hehe)  We did our groceries there despite the distance to our apartment. We just got back from Pondok indah Plaza and it has been raining all day long...

The Pondok Indah Mall 

Nice and spacious hall way

Barbie Boutique (We might go inside if Ameera was here)

Ground-Floor-Train around the mall (We might ride the train if Esyraf was here)

Nice cakes for sale!!!

My lovely yummy yummy food!!

The genius who found this! hehe


Hoka Hoka Bento! Yes! It's Halal..

And more pictures for you to enjoy............


Friday, May 14, 2010


 His bag pack and worn out shoes

Hi..Welcome to Jakarta! Jakarta has always been known for it's macet (traffic jam). For the past 15 days we have yet to encounter any form of macet here. We kept saying that Kuala Lumpur's macet is much worse than the one they have in Jakarta.

But we changed our thoughts about it YESTERDAY! I was at the gym when Ezmir got back from office. He approached me at the gym with his exhausted face. He was sweating more than i was!!! He actually walked from office to our apartment which took him 50 mins due to Jakarta's macet!! The cab he took was not moving at all and he wasted RM 11 for that. He decided to walk back home instead of waiting for the macet to clear.

That was not just about it! While walking in a dark area (it is almost 1 km away from our apartment), he saw his  bag pack was widely open through his own shadow! Only he realized that someone was walking very (very) close behind him.  Not to wait any longer, he grab his bag pack and ran almost 500metres back home!!

Thank god Ezmir reached home safely..What a freak Friday!!

Have a great weekend everybody!


8th Folder, 8th Picture Tag: SWEET HOME JAKARTA

This is a fun and easy, thanks so much for tagging me ayie

Here are the rules :

1. Go to your photo files, select the 8th photo folder

2. Select the 8th photo in that folder

3. Post that photo along with the story behind it

4. Then challenge 8 blogging friends to do the same!

This photo was taken on our first few days in Jakarta. Both our families wanted the pictures of our house in Jakarta to be mailed to them immediately. There are very very eager to know and sometimes really really demanding! hahahaha Therefore, i snap a few photos of our tiny little house for our families to see but is not for my blog here there are..Our Sweet Home Jakarta!  

Wahahaha..this is so easy! However I will not tag anybody else since i have a very small circle of friends..Till then!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

H A P P Y M E A L S ! !

Hi!! Today is a public holiday for Indonesia so Ezmir is not working! Yes!! ehehe As usual we went out for our unfinished Jakarta visit. (Will never finish i'll assure u! ;p) 

We just got back from Plaza Semanggi and i think I found my new love there..ehehehe There are varieties of food chain ie Poppeye's, Malay Village, American grill and etc. There is one thing that we really love to try in Indonesia that is SPONGE BOB ICE CREAM !!!!! We tried to find at any other store since but to no avail. Today we found it! hahaha I am not sure whether some of you have tasted the ice cream before (or maybe other countries have it too..) and it is banana+chocolate+vanilla flavor. I am damn sure that my sisters would hate it because of a strong banana flavor! They just hate bananas.. :(  ehehe And for us the taste was ok.. 

And here are the pictures of today's activity and the produce from my lovely HAPPY CALL frying pan!

 Are you ready KIDS............
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?? Sponge Bob Square Pants!!!

Mr SpongeBob having his ice-cream! ;p smudge la babe..! hehehe

Lunch @ Pizza Hut Plaza Semanggi - Superlicious Crown Crust

My simple version of Sweet Sour Chicken

Ezmir hates pancake therefore I make him a big 'butter lempeng' to eat with sardins

Our simple Breakfast


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


HAHAHA i am so happy! i am so happy!

Actually it is something to do with my cooking stuff! ehehehe.. If you read my older post, i have mentioned earlier that we used this relocation company to move some of our important things ie; dinner set, frying pan and all my kitchen utensils to be brought to Jakarta. 

However, since the day I arrived in Jakarta I regretted so much for bringing so many pans to Jakarta because I really want to buy this new cooking pan which can never be found in Kuala Lumpur. (Television is really  really bad for you! hehehe)

I nagged my husband for several times and at last he said oK..(but with a little hardship on his face since the pan will cost him almost RM 300) hehehe

In short, the shipment from Kuala Lumpur has been delayed for more than a week.  In order to maintain their reputation, the company compensate with a sum amount of money for us to buy new cooking pans, rice cooker etc!! So i guessed you already know what happen?! 


Sorry! I can't hide my happy feelings anymore!!!!!! hahahaha

I wanted these little fellas since ages!! Got it at a very discounted price..

I am loving it!


It is a double frying pan!


Sunday, May 9, 2010


Hi! It's weekend marathon! During the weekend we have visited so many places until we got really exhausted. And poor Ezmir! he caught up with fever and vomit several times last night. Thank god I brought all the medicine from KL. He is recovering now and left for work already.. So, first thing first..

On Saturday, we planned to walk for the whole morning..just to capture our moments with the locals. Of course the distance is not pretty much far from the apartment unless you want to go back by taxi! hahaha.. It was a very nice exercise and a new experience! (Considering that I only walk in shopping malls back home.. hahaha) Actually, we were glad that we walked along the roadside because we found a very nice place for dining - Sudirman Citywalk. It is a mall that filled with fine cuisines. We have our lunch at MieThai Restaurant and the price is damn CHEAP!! So after having our lunch we go straight back to our apartment since a new agenda awaits us - SWIMMING! hahaha here go the pictures..

Ready for a walk mate??? ;p

Harum Manis Restaurant & Cassis European Dining

Citywalk Sudirman

Free tidbits!

Ezmir looks so happy when he is around food!! haha joking babe! ;p

My Lunch ; Rice, brocolli and mushroom in oyster sauce, prawn cake, seafood tomyam and thai tea cost me Rp 23,000 (RM 8) the price is consider cheap because the restaurant is kinda exclusive

Splashing time!!!!!!! hahahaha

On Sunday, we woke up very early and went to the gym. As usual we working out for an hour and once done with all the threadmill we rushed back to the apartment and get ready for a Jakarta city tour.

The first pit stop is Grand Indonesia. Grand Indonesia is a big mall where you can find Marks&Spencer, Seibu etc. All restaurant are located on the upper floor. The design and the architecture of the restaurants are superb! We had our brunch at one of the restaurant.

Next pit stop is the Plaza Indonesia which is just across the street. It is another high end mall which I did'nt do my shopping here! hahaha All the expensive boutique in the plaza is almost similar to the one we have in Kuala Lumpur; Pavillion.

The third pit stop is the EX mall. I might do my shopping here since the shops are quiet OK.. hehe It is where the Hard Rock Jakarta is located! I went to the souvenirs shop and planned to buy some shirts to bring back to KL but sigh.. it is long time before we go back to KL. So i would rather wait for my elder sista to come and we can do shopping together here in Hard Rock Jakarta! Huhu Sisters rule!! ;p The price is pretty much cheaper than the one in Hard Rock Macau as told by Ezmir. patience!hehehe

The last pit stop is theNational Monument of Indonesia (MONAS). From the EX mall, we took a cab to go to the MONAS. MONAS is like the central park of Jakarta. There is a free train that will bring you inside. In the middle of the park stood a tower symbolizing the fight for Indonesia's independence. According to the fact sheets; It is topped by a 14.5 ton bronze Flame of Independence containing the lift engine, which is covered with GOLD!!!! There is an elevator to go up to the top however the queue is damn long therefore we cancel the plan immediately and also the hot whether did'nt do much help!

So we got back to our apartment and ended up our weekend tour! browse down for more pics!!

Grand Indonesia (pic taken from the other wing!)

The restaurants~
I like the chandeliars and plaster ceiling crafting below:

Plaza Indonesia

The fountain outside Plaza Indonesia

When you see the horse fountain, GET READY for MONAS!!

National Monument (That's why we need to ride a train to get inside! :))

The work of art

He looks tired...

Yeay..At last!!

Inside the monument; Something like museum with many people resting inside
It is so hot outside ok.. :)

You can see the gold coated monument on the top of the tower

Lastly, our dinner..
Right to your door step without any extra charges.
(As you might see our glass table top is filled with a lot of brochures.. hahaha everything is at your door steps! ie food, laundry, aerobic trainer, massage therapist etc
Life is too good! ;p)

They call it a box rice..