Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Hi! It has been quiet a long time since I've updated on my cooking. As many of you already know, our packages from Malaysia never made it through to the Indonesian Customs *sob* (damn the movers!) And some of the items in the packages were my bakery stuff which include cake decorator utensils I  have been collecting for the last few years! The movers will get 'something' from me when I get back home! hehehe Anyhow, since they have compensated us with money, so I will repurchase all those bakery stuff here. (Indonesia has always been known for their advanced bakery industry)

Last weekend Ezmir invited me to go to Pasar Senen to check out all the items. Gosh! they were so many bakery utensils sold in Pasar Senen. I got so excited and was looking forward to come back for more!

Therefore, today's post is everything about myself, experiencing food-making without my complete appliances! No cakes involved though..sigh.. :(

Mimi's version of Chocolate Pudding ;p

This is what I call a try-and-error Roti canai! hehe

Stir fried Mixed Veggies

Seafood Tomyam

 Gulai Lemak Udang

 Nasi Lemak with Sambal Petai Sotong

Beef Rendang 

Home-made pop corns

When I have no mood to cook...ehehe


Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hi! I'm back!!! hehehe

We arrived safely (but not healthily) in Jakarta last sunday.. Both of us were down with flu, fever and pretty bad cough. Malaysia is soOOo hot compared with Jakarta..Of course we will have to put the blame on ourselves because on the day that we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, we took another flight to Langkawi Island on that same afternoon. Between landing and departing, I managed to renew my visa. (Definitely no rest at all) Hahahaha what a hectic breakaway..

After a 4-precious-day in Langkawi, we headed back to my house to spend some quality time with my family. I valued every single minute spent with Ezmir's family and my family. Unfortunately, on Sunday our vacation had come to an end :( 

Langkawi and Me fact sheet ;p :

NO 1
Langkawi's beaches are so nice and clean (they look so stunning from the plane)

NO 2
Pantai Chenang (Chenang Beach) in Langkawi is a well-known place for water-sports, chalets and shopping arcades and more!

NO 3
 Even though it was my 5th time in Langkawi, I did not manage to enter the Underwater world, the Langkawi cable car and Mahsuri Mausoleum. The reason being is that the entrance ticket was soOo pricey and Langkawi is toOo big that I have yet to check out all the places yet! hehehe

NO 4 
 I would suggest for all to try the high speed go-cart (very close to the airport)

NO 5
Lastly, I would suggest for all to eat at under-the-tree-stall serving cendol and penang laksa  while watching aeroplanes and enjoying the sea-breeze..

Langkawi Island - A little piece of heaven!

A little boy who got so obsessed with the plane hehehe

Yeay!! Esyraf with his cute cheeky  face 

While having cendol...

Great scenery from the stall

Happy little face! :)

Rent a van at RM 200++ for 36 hours (quiet cheap rite?)

My parents-in law, babah and mama

Ezmir's eldest brother and family (Along, Kak Sumi and Esyraf)

 Ezmir's youger brother, aye (This Is It?? ;p )

And his sweet youngest sister, Feeza

We did a lot of chocolates' shopping at the Zon dute free shop (I mean really-really a lot! haha)

Esyraf got so tired and boring with the shopping mood! hahaha

Ezmir & I..

Dinner at Kelab Tasik Putrajaya with my family soon after we got back from Langkawi
"The Whole Bunch Of Us"

Lastly, a night ride with our Bella...miss her so much! Wish we could pack her in box and send it to Jakarta! ;p


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Hi! We are so excited that finally we are half way through with our Indonesia attachment. We are going back home for a short break tomorrow! Yahoooo...

We are actually heading to Langkawi, Kedah for a family vacation which we planned since last year.

Stay tune for more updates!


Saturday, June 12, 2010


 Little beauty Queen @ Bale bale Spa

Hi! When my mom and aunty were here, I managed to arrange a spa session for both of them. I googled and asked around for the best spa treatment at an affordable price. As you all know Indonesia has a wide range of spa treatment; from traditional massage to mandi lulur (body scrub with traditional herbs). Unlike Malaysia the price for each treatment is very (very) cheap.

From the locals I came to know about the Bale Bale Spa. Unfortunately, there were no pictures of the spa as I would really love to check out the spa's environment first before any arrangements were made. I would  be deeply embarrassed if the place sucked (coz I really wanted to give my mom the best! ehehehe )

I gave my full trust to Bale Bale Spa after looking at their website. And thank God! My mom and my aunty were very pleased with the service and the environment. YES! :))

Therefore, I would like to make a free "promo" for their Spa! hahaha Browse down for more pictures of Bale Bale Spa. There are a variety of packages ranging from RM 15 to (the most expensive treatment) RM 170...(hahahhaha told you it is damn cheap!) My mom's treatment took her almost 4 hours to complete and cost me for only RM 90! ;p

P/s : It is very important to know that the spa is STRICTLY for ladies ONLY. Men are  not allowed in the building..Too bad there is no waiting lounge or cafe for the men! hahaha 

The main door to BaleBaleSpa

Waiting lounge@BaleBaleSpa

Lobby with free Wifi @BaleBaleSpa

Two story building @BaleBaleSpa

 The corridor with an entrance to the garden @BaleBaleSpa

The treatment room with it's own lounge @BaleBaleSpa

 The hallway to hot tub @BaleBaleSpa


Mama, while on facial treatment @BaleBaleSpa

 The Massage bed (or rather the traditional mattress)@BaleBaleSpa

The garden @BaleBaleSpa


The hair and nail saloon @BaleBaleSpa

 The guy @BaleBaleSpa (hahahahaha)

kesian abah... ehehe 


Friday, June 11, 2010


Hi! It's World Cup again! and neahhh...i don't watch them! But the preparation is solely for my Ezmir.. hehe

I never thought making popcorn was so damn easy..Thanks to my mother-in-law for the recipe that I had memorized for quite sometime. hihihi

For those who want to try this at home, you only need a frying pan with lid, some cooking oil, butter, salt & sugar and the corn kernel (biji jagung). You can always add any other flavor that suites to your taste bud eg vanilla essence, coffee powder etc. Put all the ingredients into the frying pan and give it a stir for a while. Once it pops, close the pan with the lid (Do give some air to release from the pan by NOT closing the lid to tight). There you go! Your home-made World Cup Popcorn! ;)