Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hi! We had an engagement ceremony for my youngest sister last month. It was the very last engagement for my family as she is the only one left single. This would be the busiest year as she is getting married this May! oh my! She used to be our little sister which we got to bully and tease around every single day and now she is getting married! How time flies..

The engagement ceremony was quite simple but it was a beautiful day. The closing up of the ceremony is to watch both future-to-be bride & groom exchange their gifts and the future mother-in law of my sister put the engagement ring on to her finger. And voela! They are engaged! 


"put the ring on me!!"

It's a tradition..

Our Family Picture

Engagement Cake by SomethingDelicious

They are engaged!!

The cousins playing "pretend to be statue"

The BFF from different clan; Ameera and Eshraf

Proud abah..

Happy mama!!