Monday, February 21, 2011


Hi! And here's some tips for dummies on Taiping, Perak. Many have known that Taiping is getting the heaviest rainfalls every year. So you can expect a very green, cozy, easy to your eyes kind of scenery. There are big (big) trees surrounded the lake garden and I bet that they are more than 100 years of age. 

If you happen to visit Taiping, here are the MUST see/try things in Taiping :

1) The coolest Zoo Taiping and Night Safari
2) Muzium Taiping
3) The serene lake garden
4) The extreme climbing of Bukit Larut
4) The famous Kuewtiao Doli - Opposite the Pusat Kesihatan Taiping
5) and last but not least the famous Yong Tau Foo - Behind the Jabatan Bomba

During my latest visit, I stayed at Kelab Golf Taiping and was very (very) happy with the room, the swimming pool and their hospitality. It was an awesome trip and we will come back next time!

Serene Lake of Taiping *pics gogld

Famous Taiping Yong Tau Foo


Selera Malam translated as Dinner Appetite but the food served in the morning!;)