Thursday, August 19, 2010


Hi! is my very first confession!! I am soo happy to confess that....

I   AM   DEBT*   FREE  !!! 

Since I was in my university years, I have been collecting credit cards from various banks. I was so obsessed with the design of the cards and of course the credit limit. Blame it on to my tender age, I splurged on almost everything from handbags, perfumes, make ups and most of all - VACATIONS! I was so proud when I got to sign (on the credit card slip) of my purchases-As if the money spent was not from my bank account! It was interesting when the bill came up and I kept paying only the minimum amount of my usage. Hahahaha

The 'good financial planning' lasted for like 4 years until I realized that all my cards have been declined. From that moment on I started to think of repaying all my debts and to stop exploiting credit cards again.

In my opinion, having credit card in your purse is something you should be proud of only when you are young! It is just another phase of your life and a statement to everybody that you are no longer depend on your folks. I wont stop anybody from having credit card but do set a target to be DEBT FREE soon or later.

Today, I am proud to say that I am no longer in debt with credit card company! (Of course with Ezmir's help..thanks to you! ) but Ezmir let me keep one of those in case of emergency! hehehe ;p I am very thankful that I cleared most of my debts in this holy month of Ramadhan. It's a blessing month indeed!

                                                                              **picture from google

*credit card debt


Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hi! As many have known earlier that I have made a promise to Ameera that I will bake something special for her birthday cake. Previously I made a 2D Thomas and friends birthday cake for Eshraf in January this year so Ameera requested something special for her cake this year too.

Soon after landed in Malaysia, I spent 2 days making her a 3D Barbie Cake. And it was worth it!!

Have  a glance!

Barbie Doll Cake

Cake in the making

House Decoration


Little Guest!

Unwrapping gifts session

Ameera the tinkerbell is deeply in love with that lil guy!! hahaha

Kiddie food

DonuSushi by J.Co Donut

Fancy gifts


Thursday, August 12, 2010



It's a live update from Malaysia!! ;p

Fuhh...what a week?! We had a very tight schedule for the last couple of days after our returned to Malaysia. However we managed to attend 2 birthday parties, a best friend wedding reception and quite a number of family gatherings!! (I lost count already!) hahahahaha

We had a blast!

Ameera - the cute lil angel turns 4!!


Birthday Celebration for along and babah


Best friend's wedding!!


Monday, August 2, 2010


Hi! This post is specially dedicated to our remarkable journey in Indonesia as Ezmir has ended his cross-country attachment TODAY...and we are heading back home permanently (at least until notified otherwise! hehehe). His director actually wanted him to stay longer - for another 3 months but unfortunately his request was turned down!!

Jakarta has given us one of the most valuable experiences and definitely a new chapter in our lives.. We will miss the experience of living "just the two of us" (read: just like song by will smith) in this teeny tiny house sharing stories, laughter and surviving loneliness.

Once we are back in Malaysia, our lives will be back as it was before. Enjoying our families warm company, great food and noisy gatherings, birthday parties, finally the big hugs from both our niece and nephew!

Before this Indonesia was just another place we visited on holiday, but now I think we can call it our second home! We will miss you JAKARTA!!

"This strange place brought back the love, created memories and laughter and will be sorely missed!"