Monday, November 8, 2010



Love can do so much isn't it?! As earlier post, Ezmir insisted to stay with me while the rest of my family left for China due to my restrictions to leave the country.(as if i am a fugitive!;p) I regret that I neglected my responsibility to pay back my study loan. After all, it was the right thing for them to restraint me from leaving the country even though it sounds so cruel and unthoughtful!

Anyway, we managed to settle the PTPTN loan issue within few hours on the next day (of course by running here and there and having Ezmir as my PR ;p) and Ezmir decided we should follow them to China in every possible ways. So, here goes our first road trip to nowhere!;p

Since there were no more available direct flights to Guangzhou, we decided to take a flight to Macau and from there we were going to take a local bus to Guangzhou. Please bear in mind that we both couldn't speak or read any single mandarin! Hahahaha (In China, they do not speak English at all!!)

So off we went to Macau.. hoping for the worse! Once we landed in Macau, we searched for a bus symbol and asked around with our written text in Mandarin. Thanks to Google Translate! It was like we were  on Amazing Race Asia! Hahaha

The bus took almost 4 hours to reach Guangzhou with several stops. And later we took a cab to our hotel. It was hard to get a taxi too as they were very choosy! It was only the 8th cab that the driver agreed to take us to the hotel. 

Thank god we managed to arrive safely and surprised our family at the hotel! It was a road trip of love for all of us!

p/s: thanks to all of our friends for your concern!:)

Filling up the immigration card in Macau

Macau Airport waiting lounge

Morning drinks at the airport cafe while waiting for the bus

Bus sticker on our arms - to make sure we don't get lost! (Stay in the group ya!!)

Standard procedure

See! my mandarin handwriting was not so bad huh?! haha

From Google Translate

Macau International Airport

 Yeay! We are on the bus already!!!

Macau border

China Border (if i am not mistaken)

 Guangzhou! Here we come!!

Almost there...

Finally!!!! :)))))

First Chinese meal

Walk and shop till you drop!

Busy road on a busy day

Uhh!! 7km walk just to get our elder sister's baby gift as she was in Malaysia

Happening night life @ Shanxiajiu

The BEST lamb satay EVER!!! we call this cute guy Aladin eventhough there is no monkey on his shoulder!hehe Ezmir wanna know his secret recipe!;p 

Little miss manager

 The very last night at Shanxiajiu

My eldest brother, abah and Ezmir

 Just the two of us

The one and only picture of all of us!-spoiled by the photographer aka ME! haha

 Ameera with shawl

eh? us again??hehe

My youngest sister and ameera


Can't wait to nyup nyup!

Signature Jump by Ezmir and lil Ameera is still trying.. :)


Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi! I'm back with more recent stories of course!

Last week was our 2nd year anniversary and there was a very long holiday trip in celebrating the anniversary arranged months earlier. This vacation was fully paid by my parents as a pending wedding gift. And so you can expect the holiday is not just for the both of us! hahahaha The rest of the family consisting of 8 people were ready to get on board (my elder sister and her husband was not able to make it due to their pregnancy) when something really (really) terrible happen to us. 

Everything was smooth sailing on Sunday morning at the airport until at the very last check point. I was the last person at the immigration counter when I was told that I can’t leave the country because of my unsolved PTPTN loan (a study loan). It was rather shocking news to me because I only graduated two years ago and I haven’t received any written warning nor documentation in regards to my study loan.

Ezmir walked back when he had a bad feeling about me. The rest of the family was about to board the plane when only they realized that we were missing. By the time my dad rushed to the counter I was already crying and Ezmir was already comforting me. After all the drama we decided to stay back while the rest of the family left for China. It was a devastating day for all of us as we had planned so many activities together. So many shopping malls and stuff we were going to miss there.. 

Fortunately, my family will have my super-big luggage once they land in China!!! *Sob*

*not as serious as this!! hahahahaha

No more cheers!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


For some who do not know, I used to work in a bank before I quit and followed Ezmir to Jakarta. While some people question me about my future job planning, I am very happy to be a housewife. I might don't get annual bonuses or other perks but I am more than happy to follow my husband everywhere he goes. That's include local and overseas trip!

p/s: Please do not terminate my perfect job as a housewife dear! Hehehe

Well, in order to return the favor of not doing anything in the hotel(while accompanying Ezmir), I like to share my experience in our recent stay in the Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru. Here goes the hotel review (thought it might be useful!)

Thistle Hotel Johor Bahru

Thistle Hotel JB is located in the heart of Johor’s city center. The hotel is overlooking the Tebrau straits and quite a distance from Sultanah Aminah Hospital. Having said that, you can imagine how many ambulance sirens you have to hear every hour. However this rather new refurbish hotel has a wide range of good services. Through my 3 days 2 nights stay in this hotel, I had the most excellent experience with the services provided. I love the idea of having only one button to dial up better known as ‘the Knock- knock button’ to attend to any of your request during the stay. And not to forget, the hotel staffs were friendly and nice. Their range of food was excellent and scrumptious!

Unfortunately, I had several issues with the hotel signage.

Firstly there were no single signage that is viewable to drivers directing to the hotel main entrance from the main street.

Secondly a very poor signage directing to the recreational facilities area was located in a toilet hallway instead of the large area in the lobby.

However, the hotel ambiance is very modern and elegant. Every room is equipped with flat screen TVs and a huge window or a transparent glass wall overlooking the sea.
I believe the hotel is new yet I was very sad with the condition of my room. During my stay, it was raining and my room was leaking! The water drops annoyed me for the entire day. Additionally the toilet floor was not made properly. The water from the bathroom did not directly flow into the specific hole but instead flooded around the toilet entrance.
Other than that, I am more than willing to stay again at the thistle Hotel Johor. I hope they will do something about it and by looking at the hotel, I don’t think they want to refurbish the hotel for at least in 5 years to come. Good Luck then!