Sunday, April 18, 2010

Leaving Malaysia.. :)))

a lorry??huh,c'mon..! am not leaving forever!

Yes! my travel kit..unlike my husband i am on total vacation! hehehe

Hi, we will be leaving Malaysia for Jakarta. Ezmir got this job promotion and he has to attend cross-country placement for few months therefore as a SAHW, I will DEFINITELY COME ALONG!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha I love being a full time wife!

However, there are few things that keeps playing in my mind.. the fact that I will be leaving behind my family for a short while. I have not been away with family since I was born! hahaha I cant imagine how mummygwen and ayie do it... :'( pls help me....

Well, since we will be staying in Jakarta for 3 months, we are planning to go to Bali sometime. Will update more soon once we arrive!



Last sunday my family had an ad hoc plan whereby we went for ice skating at Sunway Pyramid. Unfortunately my mom&dad cannot afford to come along since they had an important business meeting. Therefore, we proceed with the plan without them.. :(

That was my second time skating at Sunway Pyramid and I did not find it difficult to skate since I used to skate (roller blades) when I was small. Ezmir however found it very hard to get on the ice since he never skate during his childhood time. hahaha it was rather funny because I really can't let his hand go all the while when skating. (huishh...he gave me a hard time also to balance up my body on ice..hahaha) Miraculously.. Ameera easily adapted to the blades on her shoes. (I cannot imagine that they also provide smaller shoes for little skater like Ameera)

The evening was filled with laughter, pain in the ass, leg cramps and loads of photo shots..Enjoy..

Meet the Little Skater, Ameera!!!!!!

The complete US!!!!!!!

Meet my eldest brother+family=Abg Faiz, Kak Cher and Ameera

Meet my elder sista+hubby=Muna, Abg Hafiz

Meet my yougest sista+BF=is nowhere to be seen!!! ;p

Ezmir&I with Ameera and Abg Faiz

Another pic in the rest lounge

Ameera was not feeling well that day but still wanna skate..haiyya..

We were not purposely taking pictures in the rest area ok..but all cameras had to kept in the locker..haha sorry!


Friday, April 16, 2010

Hot & Sunny day @ F1 Malaysian GP 2010

hi!! hahaha another backdated post since i have been really really busy for the last 2 weeks.. hmm.. (stay at home wife=busy??) very impossible! ;p

So, here's the F1 story...

We were making history on 4 April 2010 when we attended the F1 Malaysian GP 2010 held in Sepang, Malaysia. To tell you the truth, I am not a fan of F1 GP but my husband is! He wants to attend the race since ages. However, since Michael Schumacher drove for Mercedes GP Petronas, I am kinda like to watch the race too..(hey, i am so patriotic! ;p) To make it short, my FIL bought 4 grand stand tickets which cost him RM2800 (RM700! a lot can buy with that money ie sunglasses, handbags etc)hehe anyways I was so overwhelmed that my FIL gave me one of the ticket! yahooooo... and I enjoyed myself very very much! So here's the pics

At the entrance, before the race starts

Ezmir @the grand stand

The race is ON!!!!!

One of the car being towed away

Got my face painted with Petronas Logo

The 3-Brothers

Going back already..

Another few shots before going back..


Saturday, April 3, 2010

5-star Dinner!!

Yesterday we had my aunties coming to my house (it's our parent's house actually because we are still living together..) and we had to prepare western dinner as instructed by my mom! So we do what we had to do..
The dinner was fun with chitchatting and the food was glamorous! hahaha..

For the appetizer, my sis-in-law (mother to my only niece, ameera..) prepared "Beefvega wrapped with special thousand island dip..." (Fuhh..what a name!:p) hehehe It took my sis a half day time to make them and it took a half an hour to finish them!hahaha

For that night I prepared 2 main courses only. Salmon Steak & Lasagna.. I forgot to snap a picture of lasagna actually..hmmph.. :(
Anyways, For the desert I made my very simple, Lemon Meringue Pie.. Let's have a look at the pics!

Salmon Steak

Lemon Meringue Pie

Beefvega wrapped with special thousand island dip

Before the makan-makan.. I was so exhausted but still my youngest sister, nawal forced me to smile! It was quite an accomplishment actually! ;p

Nawal; the story teller ;P

Finish rite??



On the way to Terengganu

Hi guys, this is actually a back dated post because we went to Awana Kijal somewhere in march. The place was really awesome and I recommend to all to go there. The beach was not safe for swimming however the water sports were available at that time ie banana boat, surf board and etc. The swimming pool was big and so the relaxing area.. the food was miraculously at reasonable price!
While chilling out at the pool, we ordered 2 large pizzas which cost us at RM 25 each..and of course the famous juice; fresh coconut! The coconut cost us at RM5 each. The price was considered reasonable since they delivered the food at the pool..However I thought the juices will come with small umbrellas attached to them but there were none! (hahaha I watched too much TVs.. ;))

So enjoy the pixs!

Ezmir & I

YES!! Stress-free!!hahaha

Lil Esyraf try to squeeze in between us ;p

There you go..all smile since u got a whole picture of yourself!

At the beach hut

Ezmir & I aGAin..hehe

Ezmir & Esyraf

Chilling out!

Feeza wrote something in korean (I don't know korean! Sorry..)