Friday, July 30, 2010


Hi everyone! Sorry for not updating my blog for a while now.. I have been very busy packing up and cleaning our house as we gonna leave the house in Jakarta soon! hehe

We have finalized most of our shopping list and yet, there are many more still pending and I don't think we can make it due to our time constraint - Deeply sorry to our family!

Blok M Mall

Two weeks ago we did our souvenirs hunting at Blok M Mall. We have been told by our driver that the mall was one of the earliest super big shopping complex in Indonesia during President Suharto's time. Surprisingly there are many (many) Indonesian handcraft which are nice and not too pricey unlike other souvenirs shop in Jakarta for example Sarinah Mall and Batik Keris.

So we did our handcraft shopping there and later headed for our dinner at Solaria Restaurant. Solaria is an Indonesian chain restaurant and you can find them almost everywhere in Jakarta! The food was quite nice and so do the price. - not so expensive. The good thing is that, they serve food in a large portion!!

Pacific Place

On the other hand, Pacific Place is another high end mall which I don't fancy at all!:) The only reason I go there for quite a number of times is due to Ezmir's office moving to a new building. *sigh I would rather go to Ambassador Mall everyday like I used to! hehe

Close up pic of Bajaj

Chitchat with the driver

The Plaza - Random pictures took while in the car

Finally The Pacific Place

A very unique Pacific Bay on the 4th floor

Some kind of art exhibition at the Pacific Place

Pasaraya Grande - Next to Blok M Mall

Blok M Mall is the huge building while Blok M Square is in the bus tunnel -they are next to each other

At Solaria Restaurant and Lounge

Huge Meal

A complete meal set

A box of Fox's as complimentary!hehe love Solaria!;p



  1. Mimi, I've been coming to your blog but your BALI post can't seem to load. I only see quarter of it.

    Looks like BLOK M Mall got cheaper stuff. I don't fancy high end malls too. Happy Packing! :)

  2. Mummygwen: hahaha i'm sorry because my previous post had some error in it. Too lengthy perhaps!;) nway, thx for dropping by!