Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi! We just got back from a 2-day intensive shopping at Bandung. hehe (sounds crazy huh?!;p) We stayed at Puri Gardenia Hotel located 0.5km from Jalan Dago and it was the only hotel available at that moment because the rest were fully booked. Well, the hotel was not bad and worth every penny. The hotel is located on the main street of Jalan Dipatiukur and therefore it was easy for us to catch a taxi or angkot to get to shopping outlets.

A 3 hour journey due to a massive macet

Bandung! Here we come (again) for the last time in 2010!

Puri Gardenia Hotel

The hotel lobby..

And to make things better from of a worse day, Ezmir had injured his left ankle while walking down the stairs last week. And yet, he refused to cancel the trip to Bandung.We were lucky because Ezmir's director had offered him with his car and a driver for our final month in Indonesia, as he's not around (Ezmir has a very thoughtful director and boss here! ;p) It will definitely make our experience in Jakarta worth while!  

Thank god, everything went well!

Thanks to Ezmir's director and his car! ;p

The ankle swollen like hell!

Great lunch at Warong something..(cannot recall the name)

A bottle of fruit tea will quench your thirst

Over spending!! hahahaha




  1. You are the ultimate shopping queen! :) Wow...great loot there. Your 5th time to Bandung already? *salute* Your Hubs director is very nice..the car is awesome. Now you can go more places..hehe.

  2. wow!! Nice Car!!Rindu Fruit tea and bandung sooo Much!!!!! :(

  3. baek glew boss angah! like xkan ade boss mcm tu kat msia XP hehe...fruit tea!! nnt paw blk msia byk2 :D
    wah??? rumah mode!!! best nye Indon!! huh *sigh*

  4. sporting ek boss ezmier...u r definitely correct mummy gwen! shes is ultimate shopping queen!! hehe lucky u r mamamie.. im dying to get there but xde rezeki nak wat camna nooo...huhuhu sedih bangat! nak pesan memesan pun x smpai dek hati, nanti menyusahkan orang aja...x sabar tgu mamamie n papamier balik kl :))