Friday, July 9, 2010


Last weekend, we finally completed visiting far-distance shopping malls listed in our list! hahaha Mall of Indonesia is something like Sunway Pyramid in Malaysia but with less outlets to shop. They have a very large entertainment place for kids. And I bet all kids would love to go to Mall of Indonesia. (but I will never go there for the second time!) Despite the overrated name; Mall of Indonesia, the design of the building won my heart over (because of their uniqueness! hehe)

They look similar to rumah kedai (shop houses).. but it is actually a mall!

On the other hand, I really love Kelapa Gading Mall because it was so gigantic. If I am not mistaken, there are three malls joint together to form one gigantic mall. It was soOo big that walking around the mall made me hurt my ankle! :)

Are they chocolate?? hehe ;p

I was lucky because the day I visited the mall, they had some kind of chocolate event. At the event, there was a section for an "all you can eat" chocolate buffet for Rp 15 000 per person and you get to eat as many chocolate as you want!

I really love the idea of a chocolate buffet. They served many types of chocolates from dark to white chocolate. And they provided a free flow hot chocolate! WOW..I had a blast! hehe

I feel like dipping my whole hand inside the chocolate fountain! hehe



  1. 15000 rp for all???including chocolate fountain?? damn u r lucky! haha..

  2. chocolate haven for chocolate lovers!

  3. I have the same thinking as you..hehe..I don't think I will go to MOI for the 2nd time either. Wah..choc buffet..damn shiok lah..haha. I think Gwen would want to drink the choc sauce lah..haha.

  4. wah????????? nie kalah Langkawi!!! bpk sedap yg chocolate fountain tu..wuwuwu =,=