Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi! What do you like the most in Ramadhan? First and foremost -  I love the food during buka puasa (breaking fast)! My favorite dish for buka puasa which my mom will cook for me is Ketupat Sotong. The dish was originally prepared for the Kelantan Royalty and is now being enjoyed by us "commoners"!

Secondly, I love to prepare deserts during Ramadhan. This year around I hired a personal assistant to help me with the preparation..

Thirdly I love gatherings with friends during buka puasa. We actually had several buka puasa sessions with our close friends however since we were very hungry at that time, none of us had the time to snap pictures..hahaha

Lastly I love the gotong-royong we always have everytime it is a few days away from Eid dul Fitr. Tired but lotsa fun!


  1. Selamat Hari Raya to You and Family! I never heard of Ketupat Sotong before. By looking at the pic I know it's as good as you said. :) Your little assistant is soo cute.

  2. i also cook squid in certain way