Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Have you ever had a special song dedicated in memory of your vacation or maybe a song  that brings back the good old times?? YES! I do have.. whenever I miss our moments in Indonesia, I will devotedly listen to this song. A good song sang by an Indonesian singer, Marcell.  I really love his voice! Now the fond memories lingers..

Takkan Terganti 

Telah lama sendiri
Dalam langkah sepi
Tak pernah kukira bahwa akhirnya
Tiada dirimu di sisiku

Reff 1
Meski waktu datang dan berlalu
Sampai kau tiada bertahan
Semua takkan mampu mengubahku
Hanyalah kau yang ada di relungku

Reff 2
Hanyalah dirimu
Mampu membuatku jatuh dan mencinta
Kau bukan hanya sekedar indah
Kau tak akan terganti

Tak pernah ku duga bahwa akhirnya
Tergugat janjimu dan janjiku

Kembali Reff 1, Reff 2 2x

Kau tak akan terganti

English Translation

Been alone for a long time
In these quiet steps
I'd never have guessed that in the end
You're no longer by my side

Reff 1
As time comes and goes
Even if you're no longer there
Nothing could ever change me
You're the only one in these corners of my heart

Reff 2
Only you
Who can make me fall and love
You're more than merely beautiful
Because you can never be replaced

I'd never have guessed that in the end
Your promises and mine would cross each other

Back to Reff 1, Reff 2 2x

You can never be replaced


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