Sunday, May 1, 2011


a good catch!

Hi! I am sure many (many) of you have heard about Spanx body suits.

Like everybody else, I wanna get myself spanx-ed!!!

It is very unfortunate that the company (based  in US) did not extend their delivery service to Malaysia. Anyhow you can get your spanx delivered to Malaysia via unofficial dealer within 14 working days to 2 months. Million thanks to them!  

However, as my sister's wedding approching in like 2 weeks time, I only realized that I need a spanx badly! So how do I get my spanx?'s easy! I arrange a family vacation to SINGAPORE and I get both -Holiday+Spanx!! Hahaha

In  short, you can get your spanx at Tangs Orchard, Singapore with no hassle, no waiting, no misses size and definitely you can feel the fabric suits you best! Owh! they did mention that they are selling Spanx in both of their outlets in Orchard and Vivocity but nope! They only sell Spanx in their Orchard branch. (As I went to both Tangs on the same day in pursuing my very first Spanx! A million thanks to ezmir!! muah!muah!;p)
Eventhough it was slightly expensive, hey! What the heck???!! I need them urgently whattt..hahahahaha

Till then! 




  1. haha you are definitely spanx-ed now!

  2. hi u know how i can get in touch with the unofficial malaysian dealer.

    i need to get spanx for my sister's wedding too...


  3. sindhu: hi there! u can check her blog by the name of shopping queen 78 or better still u email her at

    u can ask for a ready stock if u need them urgently as the goods delivered directly from US. it may take some time to reach here.

    hope the info helps

  4. You can also check Iza Closet Blogshop - as she is the one of unofficial seller for Spanx in KL. She has a lots of ready stock for In Power Line Super Higher Power. The price is really affordable.

  5. hmm now Spanx do deliver to Malaysia :)

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  7. U can also buy from here:

  8. hi, would you mind telling me how much is it in Singapore... Might have to get me some as well! Thanks!

  9. hi...i also want to know how much is it in singapore...tq

  10. I have two favorites: Yvette sports bra front zip from Amazon ($29.9) and Champion Molded Cup Racer from Target ($18.99) - love, love, love them!