Sunday, October 9, 2011



I have been extremely busy for this past months. Remember how I spent so much time helping my sister's on her wedding stuff? Well, it turned out to be my new interest now- weddings!! I just can't stop doing it. If some of you thinking that I am a wedding planner the answer is NO! Hell No! I have enough stress to cope nowadays. I am just a plain Candy Buffet specialist and my job is turning the bride/groom dream candy bar or desert bar into reality! It seems very easy at first but now it is taking my whole life, my precious weekends, and not to forget, ezmir's weekends too! 

So as of now, I will just have to accept that this is now my new life! and I am still trying very hard to cope with this new business. Well, I am telling you everything (with the business) IT HAPPENED so fast!! At first I was just trying to realize my sister's candy bar and little that I know Candy Buffet in Malaysia has gained so many attention nowadays. And suddenly many of my sister's friends requesting for my help.=)

I got my little business featured (4 pages!!!) in Malaysia's number one wedding magazine in just 2 months operating period and my email and facebook account has been overflowing of people requested their personalized candy buffet since then..fuhhh!! what a mess!!hahaha
Maybe it is just my plain luck right?

My very first touch

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